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Seven 7s


My friend Mary created this game and shared it on her email list. Big thanks to Mary for allowing me to share her creation here.


Multi player game
Players take turns rolling two 6 sided dice. Cross off the number of the sum you rolled along the bottom of the page. If you roll a sum of 7 you can cross off one section of the large 7 on the page. A chip or penny placed on each section and each number would work if you do not have WET erase markers.

First player to cross off all of the numbers WITHOUT filling in all 7 sections of the large 7 wins.

Solitaire Game
Try to cross off all of the numbers along the bottom of the page BEFORE you roll a sum of 7 seven times.  

Grab your dice.  You're ready to print and play!


NOTE:  The printable has a quirk in it :(  I'm working on that.  Until then I suggest that you draw a big 7 on a piece of paper and divide it into 7 segments.  If you use cardstock and slip it into a plastic sheet protector the game will last longer.  I like to use WET erase markers on my sheet protectors because they come clean and I have problems with the dry erase markers staining.

Seven 7s Printable Game



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