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Wilbur Geo.

It's very hard to put into words just how much I love geography.    I don't believe that kids are getting enough of the study of geography, or that they do "study" geography but in such a dry way that they don't come to love it.

Geography is one of the most interesting subjects you'll ever undertake.   It's not just about tectonic plates and continental drift.  This quote from my Anansi Unit Study sums it up:

"I'm very serious about geography and I don't tolerate "I hate geography" whines in my house.  In college I took Cultural Geography instead of the typical Geo101.  I think I made the right choice.  I learned that a study of geography is really a study of LIFE.  There is so much more to geography than just maps.  Why do people dress as they do?  What influences their cuisine? Their religion? Their politics? Geography. 

If you learn why, where and how wars are fought you are studying the influences of  geography at work.    Where are the earth's resources?  Who has them? Are they being shared equally? If not, why not? And what is the result?  Are ethical standards universal?  Why or why not?  People live, love and kill all because of the influences of geography.  Some of us just don't see that which is unfortunate because those people are missing out on a great deal of fun, not to mention a deeper understanding of the human condition."

There you have it - my little sermon for the day.  I'm quite serious tho and I meant every word.  I hope to beef this section up as time permits so you may want to bookmark this page.


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