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Geo Links


This page offers online geography games!!  Check out the Geo-Quest game.  It's a version of 20 questions.  You control the questions you ask and use the clues to guess the mystery animal.  Don't miss the  Geo-tour!  GeoGlobe

Recipes are an important, and yummy, part of geography.  Climate and religion influence a country's cuisine.  A native dinner is a great way to end a unit study.  Be sure to give even the little guys a job.  My favorite recipe site is RecipeSource.  You can search by region and then by country or search by type of dish [dessert, main course, side dish etc.,].

Everyone needs a good source of printable maps.  Here are some of my favorites:

Outline Maps  Outline maps of every continent including regions of the USA.

Maps in pdf format.

Maps from  the college course,  Geography 1000: Fundamentals of World Regional Geography,  at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.   Prof. Peterson has quite a selection available to you here in pdf format. Here you will find world maps [including  Pacific centered maps], country maps,  flags and more.


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