Our First Lapbook


This lapbook is about a book, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, in the Secrets of Droon series.   We learned about the genre of fantasy as one type of fiction and what sets it apart from other forms of fiction.

I scan at a lower resolution so that these pages are faster to load.  I hope you'll be able to get a  general understanding of what we did.

The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet

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The front.  A simple shutter fold with 2 piece of Velcro holding it together.  This is the "title page". The left side focused on what we learned about the fantasy genre.  The white thing is book that lifts up like a flap.

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Still left side but with the white matchbox book flipped up out of the way.   Light blue layer book with information on the elements of classical fantasy.   Bottom right corner is a simple book with summary  of the book.    The blue and red squares are lift up flaps.

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Still right side but with some flaps open.   We used the blue quad fold to draw characters from the book. This is the back of the lapbook.  The bottom left is a tab book.  We just added this and  haven't finished it yet so there is no color to show  on the scanner.

Doesn't this look cool?

A vocab.  pocket and the book on the right is partially open.  I folded a paper into fourths and cut a rough design.  when I opened it, it looked cool! Close up of just the book on the right.  The green color is not the book.  I had to put something there so the scanner would have contrast to work with.

Thanks for stopping by this new section of my website.  We're working on other  lapbooks and as time permits I'll upload them to the site.



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