If a page is listed here you can bet it's worth a look.  I won't put anything on this page that I haven't personally surfed through myself.  If you have a page that you would like me to check out please use the email function at the bottom of the page and drop me a line with the URL.

The Activity Village This is one incredible site.  It's full of activities and printables for the 10 and under set.   The Links section is absolutely fabulous!  If you want to find it and you can't find it here you may not find it at all.  Busy people will appreciate how easy this site is  to navigate.  Don't forget to sign up for the free, weekly newsletter so that you can be kept informed of all updates and new features.

Games For Learning  Don't miss this site.  Put together by the Games Lady herself you'll find wonderful how-to tips for making and using your own educational games.  There are pictures and instructions for making the games for your children.  You won't believe the variety until you see for yourself.  If it wasn't for Mary I would have never thought seriously about using games in our homeschool.  Be warned:  learning through games is addictive!

The Idea Box I first surfed into this page in search of ideas for preschoolers.  I continue to visit it for the songs, fingerplays and lesson ideas I find there.  Learning is natural and fun for preschoolers and this site helps you, the parent, save time by providing high quality activities for you to consider.   Ideas and tips for older children are shared as well.



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