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The Exploring Kit


Perhaps you've seen the show, on Nick Jr., called Dora The Explorer.  It features a lovable Latina who is full of energy and curiosity.  Dora is never seen without her trusty backpack!!  We catch the show sporadically and it has made an incredible impact on my adorable daughter.  She is wanting to learn more Spanish and Dora inspired scenarios are creeping into her imaginative play.  As we play she often says "I have one in my backpack" and reaches behind her back to hand me something.

EVERYthing was in this imaginary backpack :)   Watching the fun she had with her "backpack" set me to thinking.  I knew we could get a lot of mileage out of such a backpack, well.....IF one existed that is.  The shelves were bare this holiday season past - not a Dora item to be found.

I ended up making her an Exploring Backpack for Christmas and I can tell you its the only thing she plays with everyday.  I found a clear vinyl backpack with purple and green trim at Toys R Us.  It was filled with toy dinosaurs.  Our son ended up with them.  At Target we found a hard green box in a camping theme.  This was near the Police Officer dress up kits.

We pulled a classic switcharoo and both kids received what they liked. The camping kit came with a pair of binoculars, a canteen, a lantern and a 3 in one plastic knife.  I added a flashlight and some homemade maps. And we added a good magnifying lens.  She's now ready to go.

Even if your young one isn't a Dora fan I'm betting they'd like to have an exploring backpack.  You don't even have to wait for spring to take a nature walk.  Of course, I suggest that in winter you make that a brisk walk --wink-- it gets COLD out there!


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