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Garfield Fraction Game Questions
I decided to include some of the questions from our game here for those who may be curious or need a jump start of creative juices.

 You'll notice that most of the questions are word problems.   Word problems are my son's strong suit so I was sure to include many of them when the game was first created.   I have been gradually adding cards to the deck so that our deck is now well rounded.

Our cards are circles because we use circular fraction tiles in the game.   I'll be frank with you - the circle cards are a pain to make.   I put in the extra effort because I knew it would be appreciated by my little ones.


  1. Jon cut Odie's sandwich into 4 equal pieces.  Odie ate 2.  How much of the sandwich is left?

  2. Garfield ate half of a banana.  Can Jon and Odie share the other half evenly?

  3. Are 2/4 and 1/2 equal?

  4. How many fourths are in one whole?

  5. Garfield ate 3/5 of the lasagne.  How much is left?

  6. If Jon cuts his sandwich into 2 equal pieces and Garfield swipes 1. How much is left for Jon's lunch?

  7. If I cut an apple into 6 equal pieces and eat 2 pieces how much is left?

  8. 7/8 + 1/8 =

  9. 3/5 + 1/5 =

  10. Odie cut his pie into 8 equal pieces.  He gave Jon 2 pieces and 1 piece to Garfield.  How much of the pie is left for Odie?


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