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Poetry for Kids


Welcome to My Poetry for Kids Page.  Here you will find instructions for various formats as well as printable, ready-to-use worksheets.  My first experience working with kids and poetry was about a year ago.  We were in a writing club and it was my turn to teach.  I discovered 2 ways of working within the Cinquain format.  I chose to have the kids count words and focus on the parts of speech rather than count syllables in the way that you do for Haiku.  The Cinquain instructions and worksheets are offered here.  I will add to this page as time allows.

Here is a Cinquain my son wrote when he was 7.


Fuzzy Guy

Running so quickly

Scared of the DOG


Click the link below for two printable pdf Cinquain worksheets.  Have Fun! 

Cinquain Printable Instruction Sheet

Fill-in-the-blank sheet for a poem about the sun.


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