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Pizza Game


Here is a game we haven't played with for some time.  It was requested yesterday and enjoyed every bit as much as if it was new!  When I made this game we had been working with counting and one to one correspondence.  When she had that concept down pat I wanted to focus on getting her to recognize the actual numbers 1, 2, 3....

So..... I did the best thing possible - made a PIZZA game.  This is a modified idea I saw on the web. The web idea calls for rolling the die and 1 = crust 2 = sauce 3= cheese 4,5,6 are toppings.  Obviously you can't play until you roll a 1 and 2.   I didn't like that and they also worked in felt which I didn't want to do either.  So what did I do???

I decided that a correct answer would earn you whatever you needed to assemble your pizza.  I have several 9 inch cardboard circles from a local bakery.  Each player gets a circle board for use as the crust.  I cut red construction paper into circles smaller than the crust by about 1/2 inch to be the "sauce".  Our cheese is simply yellowish yarn cut into small strips. Our onions are rings made from sturdy white art paper.  Pepperoni is made from a dark red paper.  Our mushrooms are on gold paper and we also have brown sausage shapes.  I picked these toppings because hubby could draw them.

I made a die with numbers instead of dots.  IF you correctly identify the number rolled you choose a topping.  To make it harder for my 8 year old [who found this game quite fun] I made a die with roman numerals and gave him simple math drill questions where the answers are 1 - 6.

Another way to make this adaptable for older children is to have them roll the die and if it lands on 3 have them give:
A subtraction problem with 3 as the answer.
A problem with 3 as an addend.
A number that can be evenly divided by 3.

When we play this game they jump into impromptu restaurant creative play and make pizzas and charge me some odd price like $2.38.   I happily give them the price provided he tells me EXACTLY how to do that.  How many dollars, pennies, dimes etc.,  This is a nice way to practice working with money.  I usually have my preschooler count out the number of pennies and nickels needed so that she can help too.


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