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Long/Short vowels


I created the Mick and Mike game to help my son practice distinguishing between the sound short i makes and long i.   I wanted a game we could play together so that I could be sure he got the concept down pat.  But THEN I wanted this same game to serve as a self-checking drill tool as well.   So I put in a few extra minutes to create a game we would get a lot of use out of.

The game features a neat cartoon dinosaur from Print Shop Ensemble.  I sized it how I wanted it and printed it.  Then I flipped it so that I would have a mirror image of the same picture.   Any graphic that catches your eye will do.  My son just happens to love dinosaurs. 

I named the "twins" so that one name has the short i sound and one has the long.   You can see that under the pictures I have cut a hole to actually put the game cards in.   On the BACK of the file folder I glued two snack size ziploc bags to catch the cards as they are sorted.   Be sure to cut a whole in one side of the ziploc bag first.

The bottom of the file folder says "The twins, Mick and Mike, are going on a vacation.   They need your help!   Mick only packs short i words and Mike only packs long i words.   Help the brothers sort out the cards so that they can be on their way".

When we first used this game/tool I played with him.   We started with 12 cards.   We started with short i words and silent e words like:

dim                 dime

Tim                 time

rip                   ripe

Then I added cards that had -ight and -ite words on them like:

knight            bite

right               kite

                               fight               lite  [as in lite fare]

I did not use any words containing vowel teams like in the word "pie".

This format is flexible and can be applied to many different concepts.  You can put the answer key directly on the back.    I created a separate answer key.  It was done up like a table.   The table had two columns and each cell was the same size as the cards.   Once the sorting was done he would empty one bag and match each word by  placing the card on its match.  This gave him immediate feedback.

Immediate feedback is important.  This allows the child to input only data that is correct.  Saves you the time of unlearning false information.



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