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Ok, you've decided to have a Valentine's party and are looking for fun activities. Well, pardon my biased opinion, you've come to the right place!

Here are just a few ideas of mine that I think kids would really enjoy. The BEST place to get loads of links is here.

A neat snack activity.
Allow the kids to make fruit kebobs. Get everyone to wash their hands and be sure to give every kid a few bowls of fruit. No sharing is needed. What they munch, they munch and what they put on their kebob is their creation. If you are unsure of using bamboo skewers with the tips cut off consider using white lollipop sticks. These can be found at most craft stores in the candy making aisle.

Pineapple chunks and grapes work very well for this project. Be sure to get both red and green grapes as the flavors are different. Cantaloupe or other melon cubes are fun and add a bit of color to the kebob. If you want to use thick banana slices be sure brush with lemon juice, or even sprite, and allow to dry before using. Most kids like apples but they can be hard to push onto a lollipop stick.

If you weren't born a Rockefeller don't hesitate to ask other moms to bring some of the fruit. It is a lot easier for everyone to bring something than to expect one person to have the time/money to do it all.

Fishing for Jokes.
Using a dowel rod with a shoelace and magnet make a quick, fun fishing pole. You'll get a lot mileage out of these because they are so

Instead of fish cut out heart shapes of various sizes. Write jokes on the heart and perhaps even tape one piece of candy to the heart. Let the kids take turns fishing for hearts. Have each child read the valentine's joke to the group.

And lastly, I want to share a fun game that I do not know the name of. Let's call it Who/What am I? I first played this at a church social with adults so be sure to modify the game for your guests.

Decide on a topic. Animals would work well for a children's party. Tape a card to everyone's back with something written on it. To find out what is on your back you can only ask yes or no questions. They could ask questions like:
Am I a mammal?
Do I walk on four legs?
Do I have fur?
Am I more than one color?
Do I lay eggs?

As you learn what is on your back you can sit down. People are still free to ask you questions to help them uncover their secret word or phrase.


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